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Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection by one of Australia’s most experienced professionals

What is fabric protection?

Fabric protection is typically the application of a liquid that when dried becomes like a repellent to liquid much in the same way as water off a ducks back. This type of treatment comes in handy especially if there are young children around or if you entertain often as it is a preventative to guard against spills.
It is common sense to clean a spill and important to understand that any protection is not a cure, rather protection is designed to help repel liquids while you attend to the spill and absorb it into a dry towel or extract through other methods.

It’s important not to rub any spill… the correct method is to dab at spills otherwise you may be rubbing the remains of any liquid into the fabric.

Is protection 100% guaranteed?

Definitely not, protection was developed and designed to help repel spills while you quickly grab your cleaning tools and dab the spill and clean them up so there is a less likely chance of a permanent stain.

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