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Terms Of Use

The Terms and Conditions of use for Red Rose Carpet Cleaning:

Whenever you book any of our cleaning services you are obligated to make payment in full before or upon completion of the cleaning. In the event you wish to dispute the quality of our cleaning and you wish to make a claim on our money back guarantee you are required to fill in a short form. Should another cleaner prove to clean your carpets significantly better (easily noticeably based upon unbiased opinions known as third parties – not friends or acquaintances of you or use) you will be refunded the full amount or part thereof based on the finding you have a legitimate claim.

Should you put forth an illegitimate claim in the attempt to fraudulently claim, extract, remove or rob Red Rose Carpet Cleaning or any member of Red Rose Carpet Cleaning and you are not successful you will be billed $110 plus GST for every or part there of per hour for any lost time we (any member of Red Rose Carpet Cleaning) have put in to settle the claim… The fee of $110 plus GST is per person, not including any legal fees. You will additionally be subject and liable to all and any legal fees.

You are obliged to and must make full payment to Red Rose Carpet Cleaning even if you wish to make a claim. As mentioned above, in the event you have a legitimate claim you will find Red Rose Carpet Cleaning will refund the money you invested or part thereof where necessary.

Cancellation of bookings:
If you have a booking that you need to cancel you must cancel within 48 hours (2 days) and re-book or you will be charged and liable for a minimum fee of $110 or the full price of the booking. Should you re-book after 48 hours for a second time you may be charged the full price of the job that you have booked in. If payment or any payment is not made on time you will be charged 11% per every 30 days form the initial payment time.

Please respect us at Red Rose Carpet Cleaning as much as you would want us to respect you. When we book aside time to clean your premises we may decline others who could have taken your time spot so please be sure of your times when making a booking.

For anyone looking to invest in Red Rose Carpet Cleaning we have organised these terms of use for both you and our convenience in order to make sure you are totally aware of our terms when booking with Red Rose Carpet Cleaning.

As a result of the lack of respect from some very few consumers we have been forced to implement a cancellation policy. The reason is simply because when a booking cancels within 2 days (forty eight hours) it is almost impossible to replace it with another booking in the same area and size. Because of this we have had little choice but to implement these terms of use.

For honest and genuine people who genuinely and whole heartedly desire to utilise the professional services of Red Rose Carpet Cleaning there will be no challenge providing you keep your booking with the time scheduled in our diary that you agreed or providing you cancel within 48 hours (2 days).

With any booking there is a Very Strict 48hr (forty eight hour) cancellation policy where if you cancel your booking within 48 hours of the job you will be charged $110.00 plus GST. This is not negotiable.

Please note, any bookings that need to be rescheduled MUST be done so before coming into the 48hour window of cancellation policy or you will also be charged the cancelation amount of $110.00 plus GST.

Please make sure when booking you will be available on the day. The only exception is a medical emergency that can be backed up with written evidence.

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