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Vinyl Floor Cleaning Stripping and Sealing

Vinyl Floor Cleaning, Stripping and Sealing


With years of hands on experience stripping, cleaning and sealing vinyl floors to bring back that new floor look you will be delighted at the results we deliver for you.

With an owner operator (not employees) you are assured of quality and the best possible results everytime.

As the owner I want to be sure you call me to care for your floors a second time and in the years to come so I do all the cleaning myself.



The process is simple and non intrusive:

We utilise safe and a rapid acting floor stripper specially formulated to remove any of the old floor sealer or polisher that may still be there. The special solution is applied to the floor and left for a little time in order to dissolve any seal or polish. We then use a rotary scrubber to scrub the floor. Any residual is then removed using hot water extraction and a special neutralising agent that leaves the floor clean and ready for sealing.

Once the floor is totally dry we apply two coats of sealer. The sealer we utilise complies with the Australian standards for non-slip and safety.

An optional process is burnishing where we utilise a high speed rotary machine accompanied by a special pad to buff the surface which results in an extremely high gloss finish. This finish is often referred to as the wet look.  You will often see this type of finish on commercial floor areas.

To book a vinyl clean or have a friendly chat about a quote call our office on 1300 307 310 today for friendly and honest service.





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